Sunday, September 16, 2007

Urban Decay Update

I just started using this eye makeup remover that I snagged via post back in April. In some words, I love it. Why? Well, the stuff works, but I suspect it's not too hard to make a good eye makeup remover. (Although I do prefer the clear gel of this version more than a milky formula like Kiehls.) What makes this great is the product design, specifically the cool pump/spout. This lets me control the amount of product I squirt onto the end of my Q-tip -- more pressure, more product. You see where I am going with this. Most of the makeup I am removing is old mascara racoon-eye stuff, and just a dab will do me. The Urban Decay is perfect for this, and when my free stuff is gone -- which won't be anytime soon, as it's a great value -- I may actually buy some more.    

Can you find the hidden words?  Take a break and play Seekadoo!

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