Sunday, September 16, 2007

Urban Decay Update

I just started using this eye makeup remover that I snagged via post back in April. In some words, I love it. Why? Well, the stuff works, but I suspect it's not too hard to make a good eye makeup remover. (Although I do prefer the clear gel of this version more than a milky formula like Kiehls.) What makes this great is the product design, specifically the cool pump/spout. This lets me control the amount of product I squirt onto the end of my Q-tip -- more pressure, more product. You see where I am going with this. Most of the makeup I am removing is old mascara racoon-eye stuff, and just a dab will do me. The Urban Decay is perfect for this, and when my free stuff is gone -- which won't be anytime soon, as it's a great value -- I may actually buy some more.    

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US Magazine Fashion Week Update

Thanks to my new issue of US Magazine (with TristaBaby on the cover --ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ) I learned that my Fashion Week celeb sighting prowess fell short. Specifically, I failed to take notice of Demi Moore, who was sitting a mere six or seven rows away from me at the Temperley show. I don't know the exact number of rows simply because I am not positive which row I was seated in. I know where Demi was: front row. There were throngs of photographers snapping the front row, where Molly Simms and Rachel Zoe were parked. I did not realize Demi was there, too. I didn't see her come in during the media frenzy immediately preceding the show -- she must have been a late arrival. How very A-list of her to slip in when the lights went down! Question: Can I brag about our time together if I didn't realize she was there until after the fact!?

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept. 8/Rosa Cha

Two videos of the March of the Glamazons. Enjoy!

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Sept. 9/Rosa Cha

By far the biggest tent, the event was grande -- who knew a Brazillian swimwear designer could have so many best friends? Really a great collection, though -- the level of beading and handwork reminded me of Chloe and also Luca Luca. I'd wear it all, if I were a Brazillian SuperGlamazon, like every. single. one. of. her. models. It was unreal. The swag was wonderful -- a throw pillow and a big canvas beach bag. Fun -- yet not entirely functional. I snagged two pillows (for some reason, many people did not want to walk around the tents with throw pillows!?), stuffed them into the bag, and dropped a five-spot to drop-ship the package home, courtesy of the DHL kiosk. Yup, DHL is a major sponsor. Who knew. And really, who cares -- they were giving out Elini's cookies frosted to look like tiny DHL vans. I ate like 50, since there was no other food in sight. Just booze. Lots of booze, coffee and chilled tubs filled with energy drinks. Quelle Fashion!

The photographer end of the runway. They were all packed like sardines into the space. They knew where they were stationed because the entire tiered space was sectioned off with masking tape into squares, and the name of the publication was written on the tape. NY Daily News? WWD? Just look for your name on the quadrant of tape!
The radiant former model, now TV hostess Veronica Webb. Alas no Tim Gunn!
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More Temperley

Stylist Phillip Bloch channelling Jay Gatsby

Hopefully this movie will load -- note Nick Rhodes sitting between Simon and Jacquetta (bleached blonde bedhed and black button-down), and also note how long everyone is clapping. That's Fashion Show etiquette -- keep the clapping going during the entire Finale Parade of Models. It's OK to pause, but you must resume clapping until the designer peeks his or her head from behind the scrim, signaling furious clapping, then the lights go up and you haul out of the hall.
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In white shirt with black skinny tie. Padma is to the right of the model. She could not have been more gorgeous, honestly.
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Sept. 9/Temperley

Alice's show was by far the biggest, most star-studded affair I attended. Of course I overslept so I had to rush to the show -- thankfully this stuff runs on Garment Time. Like, each show was a minimum of a half-hour late, and that was just to start check-in. Add another 30 for seating, and you've got your hour delay. With Temperley, there was an additional half-hour or so for celebrity interviews, seatings and general hub-bub. The biggest splash was Rachel Zoe, celeb stylist and contender for fright-night impersonator. Also in view was Molly Simms, Phillip Bloch, Padma Lakshmi, Jaquetta Wheeler and ... drumroll please ... Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran.

Me, before I finessed another s-2-s-2-s maneuver. Sadly, only the first two rows got swag -- a Temperley bag, not sure what was inside.

Far left, Padma and Jacquetta (the two never spoke) and Nick's head (blonde). This is actually the first still from a video I shot where I got some good D2 footage.

Supermodel Agnyss Deyn opened the show. I loved this dress -- SO Temperley.
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My lovely home-away-from-home

My hostess with the mostest has always had a knack for finding the most gracious homes, regardless of the city. And she did it again in NYC. In a word, lovely. Some more words: quiet, precious, serene, Parisian, perfect.
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The Tents, inside and out

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Sept. 7/Cynthia Rowley

This show was off campus, as it were, in Gotham Hall. It was a bit of a walk, and I ended up standing in a crowd for about an hour in unbearable heat. Realized about a half-hour into it that I had forgotten to eat that day (how fashion week of me!) so I had a nice blogger hold my spot in line while I grabbed an apple and a Diet Coke from a pushcart on the corner. The blogger was a copywriter for a major fashion label that I can't mention (starts with an R and ends with an Alphlauren) yet she had no pull. Not even to get an invite to her own boss's little show! Jeesh. But we were cheered by the sudden appearance of Ken Downing, the fashion director for Neiman Marcus. Sir Ken was Just Like Us, sweating in his fall fashion, trying to get through the very same front door. He was pretty good natured about it, even when I was really dorky and said, "Hey, are you from Dallas?" Like I didn't know exactly who he was. CR's show rocked. Note the swag on the benches: It was a small picnic basket with a taupe fabric hotel napkin that was prettily knotted at the top, concealing a mini Fiji water bottle and a small bag of Garrett's popcorn! A delightful touch of home for our Chicago native Miss Rowley. The show was packed packed packed but yours truly was able to move from standing to seating to swag in short order. This show had such a great vibe -- great summer tunes (Bordelaise, anyone?) and for the finale, several models careened down the wide runway on bikes! The front row started squealing as the models lurched and swerved, and everyone in the house was laughing and clapping. Then when Cynthia herself pedaled out, nearly everyone jumped to their feet, clapping and cheering. I am going to buy something CR this season and Tivo her Design Star show, just as a "thank you" for such a great show.

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NINA GARCIA!!!!!!! She was everywhere on Friday, being interviewed and just walking around. She's tall and super glamorous. But what I thought was cool is that she had this look of happiness on her face -- dare I say bliss? Like, no matter how many times she had to make the fashion week rounds, it was still exciting and new. God bless her. I just got her new book (birthday gift) and am on page five or so (give me a break, I have a job), but it seems good already, if not a bit generic (self confidence is sexy -- duh!). Anyway, Nina rocks. And I will devour the upcoming PR season as quickly as you can say TiVo!
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Sept. 7/Tracy Reese

Viva La Reese! This show was wonderful -- wearable, colorful and whimsical. Got my first lesson in How To Move from Standing to Sitting. Once you check in, you either get an index card with a seat assignment on it or a big fat "s" -- meaning you stand behind the rows of chairs, in a row of standing people. And you get no swag. But the alert fashionista can move from standing to sitting (to swagulousness!) by following a few simple rules. Rule #1: Get in line early. #2: Rush past crowd and park yourself to the immediate side of an aisle (not in the aisle, very important or you will get yelled at). #3. Be quiet and wait. #4. Get a fix on the intern who is coordinating seating for your section; it is her job to make sure all seats are filled by the time the houselights go down. #5. Make eye contact with this intern and make sure she sees you have your purse in your hand and are ready to move to an open seat before she can even finish barking "You!"
What I loved most about this show was the girliness of TR's vibe. Pretty Easter colors, and lots of layered jewelry (mostly lockets, mental note: must buy layering lockets). Lots of fitted garments and cute fitted jackets, no tent dresses (hurrah!) and heavy on the light grays (like Terexov, actually).

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Sept. 6/Gottex

This show was amazing -- fantastic seat assignment plus ... tadum! ... my first swag del dia, a big mesh beach bag accented with shiny black plastic strips. Not unlike the first suit down the jetway, one the program said was some sort of homage to 007 chic. Inside said bag was a full-sized Redken hair duo, shampoo and conditioner. Niiice! Much better than Terexov, which sadly I missed entirely (I had a seat, where was the swag bag!?). I heard it was a nice paper shopping bag with a small can of hairspray. Which I could have used, as I lost mine to the TSAzis at O'Hare. Anyway, Gottex was nice -- especially the suits with the small triangles in shades of green -- but I was somewhat surprised that the models were not without cellulite. Although the jiggling was probably more pronounced 1) because of the harsh light; and 2) because models were in teeny bikini bottoms and clomping down the runway in heels. A great evening of shows! And onward to Friday!
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NYC Fashion Week! Sept. 6/Terexov Show



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