Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept. 7/Cynthia Rowley

This show was off campus, as it were, in Gotham Hall. It was a bit of a walk, and I ended up standing in a crowd for about an hour in unbearable heat. Realized about a half-hour into it that I had forgotten to eat that day (how fashion week of me!) so I had a nice blogger hold my spot in line while I grabbed an apple and a Diet Coke from a pushcart on the corner. The blogger was a copywriter for a major fashion label that I can't mention (starts with an R and ends with an Alphlauren) yet she had no pull. Not even to get an invite to her own boss's little show! Jeesh. But we were cheered by the sudden appearance of Ken Downing, the fashion director for Neiman Marcus. Sir Ken was Just Like Us, sweating in his fall fashion, trying to get through the very same front door. He was pretty good natured about it, even when I was really dorky and said, "Hey, are you from Dallas?" Like I didn't know exactly who he was. CR's show rocked. Note the swag on the benches: It was a small picnic basket with a taupe fabric hotel napkin that was prettily knotted at the top, concealing a mini Fiji water bottle and a small bag of Garrett's popcorn! A delightful touch of home for our Chicago native Miss Rowley. The show was packed packed packed but yours truly was able to move from standing to seating to swag in short order. This show had such a great vibe -- great summer tunes (Bordelaise, anyone?) and for the finale, several models careened down the wide runway on bikes! The front row started squealing as the models lurched and swerved, and everyone in the house was laughing and clapping. Then when Cynthia herself pedaled out, nearly everyone jumped to their feet, clapping and cheering. I am going to buy something CR this season and Tivo her Design Star show, just as a "thank you" for such a great show.

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