Thursday, October 4, 2007

I met Rachel Roy!

I can't give away any secrets because I will be pitching a story about her soon, but let me just say, this woman is so incredibly gorgeous and so funny and genuine and just NICE, I was bowled over. She's so comfortable in her own skin and I really felt like I sensed how much she enjoys what she does. It was an honor to meet her.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No Swag, but Lots of Nick (Verreos, that is!)

I just got back from the Lucky Magazine party in the West Loop -- it was the best of times (Nick Verreos sighting!) and the worst of times (gift bags disappeared before I was able to snag one!). But the free food kept coming (my favorites were the mini red cupcakes with tart cream cheese icing and the duck carpaccio nibblies) and so did the friends. I saw so many people that I really liked and hadn't seen in a long time. With my book and the rash of freelance I had this summer, I was an email-only friend for a while. Lots of catching up. Common discussion point that night: What, exactly, was supposed to happen at the party? There was no announcement, no presentation ... but heck, it was a good time! Did I mention I saw Nick Verreos? I was a total Gawker Stalker, pretending I didn't see him yet angling for a spot standing next to him. He's really good looking, exactly like he looks on TV -- perfect complexion, perfectly turned out. Short. Beautiful smile.
Rumored to be in the swag bag:
Cosabella thong -- yeah! -- courtesy of Isabella Lingerie (a gorgeous store)
but size was L/XL -- wahh.
A big Grey Goose box -- yeah! -- but we suspected inside was only a shaker,
no actual booze -- wahh.
Bottle of Figi water (how many natural resources were burned carting this
stuff across the frickin ocean from Figi!?)
A bottle of Jil Sander perfume - saweet!
A compact from Cynthia Rowley -- yeah! -- for Avon -- eh?
A cute Lucky Magazine tote bag
A pair of fugly yet comfy socks
A keychain from Ugg (opening a store on Oak Street next week, Padma Lakshmi is promised to be at the opening)
OK, now that I write this, I am bummed I didnt get one. And I am thinking, this was better than the sad swag sacks passed off, er, I mean passed out to journos at NYFW. Ah well, que sera la swag.