Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept. 6/Gottex

This show was amazing -- fantastic seat assignment plus ... tadum! ... my first swag del dia, a big mesh beach bag accented with shiny black plastic strips. Not unlike the first suit down the jetway, one the program said was some sort of homage to 007 chic. Inside said bag was a full-sized Redken hair duo, shampoo and conditioner. Niiice! Much better than Terexov, which sadly I missed entirely (I had a seat, where was the swag bag!?). I heard it was a nice paper shopping bag with a small can of hairspray. Which I could have used, as I lost mine to the TSAzis at O'Hare. Anyway, Gottex was nice -- especially the suits with the small triangles in shades of green -- but I was somewhat surprised that the models were not without cellulite. Although the jiggling was probably more pronounced 1) because of the harsh light; and 2) because models were in teeny bikini bottoms and clomping down the runway in heels. A great evening of shows! And onward to Friday!
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