Tuesday, November 13, 2007


It's called Bordeaux Balm from a tiny little company called Kristin: Skincare from the Vine. This grape seed-based allover wunderbalm smoothes out hands and feet, moistens chapped lips and even controls flyaway strands of hair. I love anything in a pot (my fav. Biotherm lotion and Carmex, for instance) and this little pot du balm is actually thin enough to fit into my large wallet. Full disclosure: Kristin is actually a friend of mine, she is fabulous and glamorous and nice, a great dog mom and a new baby mom whose family owns a vineyard in my home town. Hence her access to the vines. But that doesn't mean I'd blog about her unless I really loved her stuff. The balm is kind of hard to find right now -- it's only in four or five stores -- so Web ordering is your best bet right now. But sourcing hurdles only make this balm more of a must-have for beautynistas like us. Especially as we enter the Windy City's cruelest month. BUY IT HERE: www.kristinskincare.com. It's $12 per, plus s/h. A "grape" deal! This pot will last you FOREVER!!
Now, on a different note, I have a PILE of products to report on, I have just been on deadline, but here's a (free) sample of what's to come as I catch up on my cyberreporting:
-- TONS of Urban Decay goodies. Loved the mascara, lipglosses are a bit too tacky for my taste (tacky as in sticky, not tacky as in tasteless).
-- Dr. Michelle Copeland skin cleanser, am using this now thanks to the Lucky party gift bags (seriously one of the best gift bags, kicked NY Fashion Week's ass). I have been using this for about two weeks and I love it. Although it's hard to get used to the non-foaming aspect. Although, hey wait, I just realized, this product also comes en pot. Viva le pot!
-- More biotherm reviews on the way.
-- Got some news about the spa opening up in the Palmer House Hilton -- will look like this: MMMMMMMM. April, people. Hold on.
-- Got some news about the Trump spa that's under construction. Debut is set for March. I wanna meeta Ivanka. I love her and wish I had a cool, sexy low vox like she does.

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