Monday, June 18, 2007

Flirty Girl Fitness -- I'm Hooked on the Pole!

Tonight I took a free class at Chicago's newest fitness concept, Flirty Girl Fitness, just down the street from Oprah's studios in the West Loop. O indeed! The class? Pole dancing, in a chic rustic dance space tricked out with 14 poles. The results? My body is aching and my right foot is bruised, yet my ego is strangely unbruised. I survived the hour -- and swung around on a pole! It rocked. Oh yeah I sucked. Badly. Sadly I have no shimmy in me -- I blame my Cohen side -- and I was never a cheerleader, hence I missed out on the part of life where you learn to mimic peppy choreographed routines. Believe it or not, I picked it up, more or less, and didn't completely embarass myself. Not that anyone was looking anyway -- all the other women in the class were concentrating equally hard on hanging on for dear life. And when we weren't concentrating on Le Pole, we were mesmerized by the instructor. I would like to know how many classs I need to sign up for and how many meals I need to vomit up before I can be that amazing. I actually think I might join the studio, but if I don't, I will definitely return on the per-session pass (5 classes for $100). Interesting to note: The poles in the front of the class room are "regulation" width; the poles in the back are specially designed by FGF to be a bit smaller -- easier for tiny hands to grasp. Also interesting to note: The instructor told us to take off our shoes to do the class. Not for safety or technique, but rather because "gym shoes aren't sexy." My thoughts exactly!

Friday, June 15, 2007

That's Amore -- Amore Pacific, that is

A few months ago I was invited to preview this new line of luxury botanical skincare out of Korea that's made with green tea harvested on the company's own private island. Got a free facial, it rocked. But the bag of samples I got sat in my bathroom until about a week ago. Amore Pacific gets most of its props for its superultramega moisturizers. And that's cool, for people who don't break out just by touching the lid. So pretty much, I didn't touch any lids. About a week ago, I couldn't find my special facial cleanser, which I buy from my best friend in Savannah, who is a plastic surgeon and runs a med-spa. I bought a whole face system from her but since it was prescription, she told me I had to read the directions before starting. Yeah, I'll get right on that. At some point. So I don't do much beyond using the cleanser. And last week, I couldn't find it. So I broke out this cleanser from Amore Pacific. I have to say, I was really impressed. It took off makeup instantly and without any residue whatsoever, even though it's called an "oil" on the container. It goes on as an oil, but then you add a bit of water and it soaps up like a, well, like a soap. Removing it gently with a damp face cloth, I couldn't believe how clean my pores were. And anyone who knows me knows I tend towards the Kabuki with the make-up. I may actually start buying it once my sample size draws to a close. It's $50 at Neimans. I will slather on some occasional Retin A and call it a clean, clear day. That's amore!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Free Stuff Slowdown

Clearly I need to get out more -- I have nothing free to show for myself lately. Other than a bottle of St. Croix water I swiped at a shopping event last night. My swagulous life in somewhat in slowdown mode as I furiously scribble for money, deadlines nipping at my heels. So far my over-scheduled self has resulted in skipping two boutique openings (and I got needled by a publicist for flaking on my rsvp, whatever!). The only free stuff I've picked up lately is an array of magazines -- comp copies of House Beautiful, Elle, VF from a recent media show that I didn't attend but clearly my friends wish that I would branch out from the US Weeklies wadded up in the bottom of my Marc Jacobs Softy Bag (which was decidedly NOT free, sadly). I must make time to try the Biotherm anti-cellulite cream soon. Recent actual purchase that I love: YSL Bronzing Powder Compact in velveteen pouch ($40 @ Saks) -- adds the right amt of shading when I am Neutrogena tan.

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