Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept. 7/Tracy Reese

Viva La Reese! This show was wonderful -- wearable, colorful and whimsical. Got my first lesson in How To Move from Standing to Sitting. Once you check in, you either get an index card with a seat assignment on it or a big fat "s" -- meaning you stand behind the rows of chairs, in a row of standing people. And you get no swag. But the alert fashionista can move from standing to sitting (to swagulousness!) by following a few simple rules. Rule #1: Get in line early. #2: Rush past crowd and park yourself to the immediate side of an aisle (not in the aisle, very important or you will get yelled at). #3. Be quiet and wait. #4. Get a fix on the intern who is coordinating seating for your section; it is her job to make sure all seats are filled by the time the houselights go down. #5. Make eye contact with this intern and make sure she sees you have your purse in your hand and are ready to move to an open seat before she can even finish barking "You!"
What I loved most about this show was the girliness of TR's vibe. Pretty Easter colors, and lots of layered jewelry (mostly lockets, mental note: must buy layering lockets). Lots of fitted garments and cute fitted jackets, no tent dresses (hurrah!) and heavy on the light grays (like Terexov, actually).

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