Saturday, December 15, 2007

I stood next to Cynthia Rowley!

... at the opening party for her new Bucktown salon on Thursday night. It's an adorable, jewel-boxed-sized shop that's tricked out for girly girls and sophistiachicks. I stood next to Ms. Rowley several times and yeah, I should have introduced myself but I chickened out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Amore Pacific Gift with Purchase

Neimans Promotions Department to Me: Enjoy an amazing free facial from the Amore Pacific experts flown in from the brand's New York City spa!
Who knew a free facial = a $400 bill for products.
Gulp. My face is a wreck, so this stuff better work, and fast.
Photoshoot on Thursday.
Got fake lash corners glued in today and am frightened -- I look like the love child of Divine and Liza Minelli. Have been hacking away at the Cher-like lashes with a set of fingernail scissors. They are so ridiculous they are actually CASTING A SHADOW on my face. I am pissed off. Or maybe just lashing out ...

Lip Service: Battle of the Balms

Here's a post about a lip treatment that soothes, and one that sucks. First, the good stuff. I got a sample size of Relish Beauty's shea butter lip balm, and I have to say, it was love at first smell -- a light orangy waxy frangrance. It went on smoothly and felt great. Unfortunately it didn't last very long, but it was darn cute and did I mention the nice aroma. It wasn't enough to sway me from my beloved Kristin Balm (which I think actually helped heal the chapped skin between my nose and my upper lip, a souvenir of a recent cold). But, it was a miracle balm in comparison to the glop that gurdles forth from the Kinerase Lip Treatment tube. I got a sample size from a Mercedes Benz sales event swag bag (the company was one of the sponsors of the "lifestyle event" surrounding the cars) and I was optimistic at first. I mean, Kinerase's pitchwoman, Courtney Cox always had nice (albeit small) lips. No thanks to this stuff. The package promises to smooth and plump while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Huh? It tasted like vanilla extract toothpaste and seemed to evaporate off the lips upon impact. Then I read the rest of the label and thought, well, what do I expect from a skincare company from Costa Mesa, California? Of course I could be persuaded otherwise if, say, the full line of products arrived at my door to test drive ... along with the Mercedes of course!

Swag to Purchase: the MicrodermaMitt

I first discovered the MDMitt tucked into the Chicago fashion week swag bag (did I mention it was the best ever?) and I have used it so much it's now come apart at the seams. It is now MicrodermaRagg. So I am buying a new one, cost is $22 at the brand's online store. I can't tell you how much I love this, though, and it makes my Dove Self Tanning Moisturizer go on better, and you KNOW I love that!