Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept. 9/Rosa Cha

By far the biggest tent, the event was grande -- who knew a Brazillian swimwear designer could have so many best friends? Really a great collection, though -- the level of beading and handwork reminded me of Chloe and also Luca Luca. I'd wear it all, if I were a Brazillian SuperGlamazon, like every. single. one. of. her. models. It was unreal. The swag was wonderful -- a throw pillow and a big canvas beach bag. Fun -- yet not entirely functional. I snagged two pillows (for some reason, many people did not want to walk around the tents with throw pillows!?), stuffed them into the bag, and dropped a five-spot to drop-ship the package home, courtesy of the DHL kiosk. Yup, DHL is a major sponsor. Who knew. And really, who cares -- they were giving out Elini's cookies frosted to look like tiny DHL vans. I ate like 50, since there was no other food in sight. Just booze. Lots of booze, coffee and chilled tubs filled with energy drinks. Quelle Fashion!

The photographer end of the runway. They were all packed like sardines into the space. They knew where they were stationed because the entire tiered space was sectioned off with masking tape into squares, and the name of the publication was written on the tape. NY Daily News? WWD? Just look for your name on the quadrant of tape!
The radiant former model, now TV hostess Veronica Webb. Alas no Tim Gunn!
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