Saturday, August 2, 2008

SP- Susanna Peric Show Photos

This was our first show upon arriving in Berlin -- unfortunately we missed three earlier shows that first day, Lac et Mel (which the NYC-based editor of said was a super showing), Sisi Wasabi and HUGO. But as I said in the posting below, it was definitely the one to see, as it will likely be a preview for SP's NYC debut. The photo of the attractive couple is a Teutonic starlet who was much photographed from her front row perch (anyone who can identify her gets a goody bag of Berlin Fashion Week swag!) along with the city's fashion week host, rocking the dapper Alec Guinness look. And finally, some runway looks from SP. I can't say much about these looks or any others because one thing that was nowhere to be found this fashion week was a bill of fare. A few designers placed vision statements on chairs, but no one provided a laundry list identifying the looks and the models coming down the catwalk. No press kits either and all told, a general low level of schmoozing taking place, unlike the common and near constant card-exchanges in NYC.

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