Saturday, August 2, 2008

Basso & Brooke - Day 2 Berlin Fashion Week

Day 2 was by far the busiest day for us: Starting the day was an 11 am show from Brit wonderduo Basso & Brooke that was more showcase than show. Rather than debut a new collection, B&B sent a retrospective down the runway, a gathering of wildly artistic costumes that brilliantly displayed the duo's uberinventive combinations of textiles, patterns and colors. It was an exciting presentation, with models coming down the runway and posing along its side instead of exiting. Not an inch was missed here, from bound ankles to wrapped wrists to extra-drama hats and hair notions. For a city that revels in its grunge-slash-biker look (hello, was there a Berliner in the house who was NOT wearing boots, a motorcycle jacket and a neck wrap or scarf!?) this was a welcome shot of good old fashioned GLAMAH!

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