Saturday, August 2, 2008

Berlin Fashion Week: My American Fashion Selection

Berlin was ... cold. Last I checked with the folks at, the predictions were in the mid-to-high 70s. I estimate the true temps were about 10 degrees colder than that. One H&M jacket later, I was happy as a clam. That said, it was sunny and 70 degrees in the tents. The first day, I mixed high and low with a shirt and jacket from the Gap accented with a nautically inspired double-brooch that I absolutely love that was made by Chicago designer Cyndi Chan (, a big yellow leather Botkier bag and modified gladiator heels from Cynthia Vincent. Day 2 was a paisley silk shirt from NYC-based Nieves Lavi, a years-old Adrienne Vittadini silver and wood necklace and an oversized 80s clutch courtesy of eBay. Day 3, the cold took hold and I paired that new dark gray H&M jacket with no-name bootleg jeans from Nordstroms and my favorite favorite favorite white T-shirt from Rogues Gallery, which I bought at Koros Art & Style in the West Loop of Chicago. (If anyone from Koros is reading, please contact me if you have any more of these shirts, especially with the rabbit, size XS!). So with the exception of the jacket, I kept it All American, folks.
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