Sunday, August 24, 2008

Marc Bower's Online Show = Dire Recessionista Trend?

So in the midst of the paper and electronic invites I've been receiving this week, both "in-tent" and "off-campus," I got an email from Marc Bower announing that everyone's sitting front row at his Sept. 9th show: Because it's online! His 2009 Spring/Summer collection, called "Goddess by a Pool" promises 70-style retro styling in shades of bright poppy. OK, I can do op and pop! What's harder to ascertain is what to do next: From the email, it seems that I just click on a link at noon on Monday the 9th and through the magic of cyberspace, I'll be transported to the House of Bower, right? It sounds groovy, but I do hope it's not a harbinger of recessionista trends to come ... ??

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