Saturday, August 2, 2008

Killian Kerner -- Berlin Fashion Week Day 3

What an exciting final day! I'd seen Killian Kerner's January BFW show on You Tube and was excited to see it for real. He didn't disappoint. It also didn't hurt that Kerner & Co. gave us amazing seats-- hello front row! -- and neat KK tote bags filled with a CD, a small brush and a handy sewing kit. Like his earlier show, Kerner had a live band in the house. But not just any group -- this one, an electro-emo group called SpinterX, was more like a band inspired by a designer inspired by a band. Basically, it was a true creative collaboration that was readily apparent, as the band's lead singer, Ben Ivory, looked a hell of a lot like all the male models in the show, who all looked a hell of a lot like Killian Kerner. But I digress. Kerner showed a mix of mens and womens looks, with the mens stuff all pretty on-trend (think weird drop-crotched pants and walking shorts paired with tall socks). The women's looks were uniformly simple, gorgeous and wearable. I loved one of the belts, and appreciated how he played with pleats and construction. I also loved the back pockets on the jeans he sent down the runway, the tops of which were finished with the top outline of his double-K logo. The show's final look, a grayish-lavender gown, left the entire audience breathless. But it was the appearance of KK himself -- boyishly cute and YSL-shy -- that sent the audience into wild applause and a standing ovation. Want to see more? Check out And if you yearn for Depeche Mode and believe in your heart that Curiosity Killed the Cat deserves a comeback, check out SpinterX's singles, "Head over Heels" and "I am", both of which were written especially for Kerner and this show, at or

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