Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pix & Raves

@Bill Blass, a stunning turn from new lead designer Peter Som, who is actually quite good looking. Pretty, refined and feminine. This collection will put Blass back on the map, I am sure. Note on the right-hand side, front row: Nina Garcia and Rachel Zoe chatting about Zoe's oversized clutch.
Som's confections coming down the runway.
Tyson, giving interviews. Was a bit disappointing to see him taking up a front row seat, yet not able to get off the phone during the show. And he had his sunglasses on the entire time.
Cynthia Rowley showed lots of cool coats. Note P.S. Hoffman in front row, looking quite different from the sweaty, palid lump I expected him to be. He was actually sort of clean and normal-looking.
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