Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Do I Love Victoria Beckham? Count One More Way ...

I just got a thank you from VB's publicity dept. for the story I wrote:

"I wanted to thank you for the incredible piece that ran. It was perfect! The Chicago PA was a tremendous success and I have no doubt your interview contributed to the success."

The note closed with a nice offer to be of assistance if I ever needed info on VB or dVb for a story.

Attention Business Owners/Celebrities/Wanna-Bes: THIS is how you run a business. As a reporter, time is money, and if I know I can get hold of someone fabulous very quickly (as I am often running on deadline), I know they'll respond and actually be *helpful,* well, I have to say that, for many of my markets, this determines whether someone gets my ink or not.

Not only is VB personally lovely and amazing, but she values that in her team members. Did I mention I was a fan? Double that.

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