Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Great Posh-Off! Victoria Beckham PA at Saks

There are hundreds of people in Chicago right now who love Victoria Beckham more than they ever thought possible. On Friday, the Girl-Group Chanteuse-turned-Lifestyle Brand appeared on the fifth floor of the Michigan Ave. Saks Fifth Avenue to promote her new denim line (editor's note: You can't call them jeans when the average price is $300).

And what a line it was: About 1,000 people strong, snaking around each bank of shut-down escalators, down to the bottom floor. And she met with as many as she could in about a two-hour period. And I say "met" -- she greeted everyone, had an assistant who comped at least 100 polaroids (until they ran out), hugged most everyone, chatted a bit, and signed everything from canvas portraits to Marc Melanoma Ts (these folks got special treatment) to a girl's forehead.

There was a kid there who had driven 12 hours from Florida to meet her, another girl there had VB's signature tattooed on her upper back. Still more had her books, products, that infamous W magazine, many issues of her cover turn on Elle, and bouquets galore. There were club kids, young women and even a big dork or two, but surprisingly, everyone appeared to be of the age and income bracket to at least buy something that she could make -- and they weren't dipping into their babysitting money to buy it, either. Which is good news for the longevity of her brand, I predict. Not to mention that everyone she interacted with had to have walked away a die-hard fan.

Even better: She didn't just allow photos to be taken as she interacted with her fans, she POSED for photos with almost everyone -- AND let her fans gather their wits for a moment to pose along with her. It was so great to watch the Posh pose in action, whipping her hair forward, chin lowering, eyes narrowing,, and see it TIMES TWO, as everyone mimicked her signature pout, was amazing. VB even allowed fans to lean close in to her, as if she were just another clubbing buddy mugging for a myspace album pix. Even after VB started visibly losing steam after about an hour, she pressed on and was still going strong long after the event was supposed to have ended. I don't know how many jeans were sold that day, but she earned every penny from that promotion.

PS -- Did I get my VB experience? You bet I did, at the VIP reception before the signing. She was lovely, lovely, lovely. I may not shell out three hundred clams for the denim, but yes, I became a fan forever.

And yes, I did get my picture taken with ... wait ... that's my phone ... it's my agency on the line. Not the passport agency, honey, the modelin' agency! (Name that song and I'll send you something fabulous)

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