Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Phone Convo with Victoria Beckham

Say what you will about the Marc Jacobs T-shirt, the slashedtothere Versace and her friendship with the Cruises. (And don't even THINK about slagging on her haircut because you KNOW you asked your hairdresser to copy it!). I spent 15 minutes on the phone this week with Victoria Beckham and here's what I have to say about her: nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice. Another word? Sweet. Add to that smart, articulate and passionate about what she does. And I was mightily impressed that she had her kids with her and they weren't stuck with some army of caregivers back home. OK, so she was a bit rehearsed, but bottom line, she did not have to be so nice to me on the phone, and I was really, really impressed. Actually, everyone I dealt with on her publicity team was just as nice and professional as could be. And as a freelance journo given just 15 minutes to get the money quote for what they knew would be a short story, that felt, well, pretty nice.


fashion dog said...

How interesting she was nice, But what would really shock me, is if Ms. Beckham ate a grilled cheese and fries while you were gabbing!

Absolutely Swagulous! said...

You know, I met her yesterday, and my thought on her physique is this: The girl is just tiny. You can't diet down to that type of body frame. Does she eat? Maybe not as much as we mortals. But she definitely didn't seem out-of-proportion. And my first impression of her niceness? Underscored x 1,000. It's a thin-rich-nice trifecta!