Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't Tell Eloise, But The Plaza's Got the Best Cognac on the Block!

Last month, Louis XIII de Remy Martin hosted an invite-only event at the new Rose Club at NYC's glorious Plaza Hotel to unveil the ultimate taste of luxury: the extremely rare Black Pearl Magnum. And Swagulous was there!
Handcrafted by Baccarat in black crystal with platinum accents, the spectacular carafe catches and refracts light, creating flashes of silver, black, chrome, blue and mahogany brown -- just like actual black pearls of the South Pacific.
It's actually the second coming of the Black Pearl; its debut, in a smaller decanter, sold out in less than a month. But the magnums won't be hitting the market -- they're exclusive to luxury properties like The Plaza and the St. Regis Hotel in Washinton, D.C.
So enough about the booze -- how was the PARTY! Fab, fab and glam, reports our Swagulous scout. Especially cool was when residents of The Plaza (which as you know recently went Condotel) joined the exclusive fete -- always interesting to watch the SuperWealthy get a sneak peek at their next drink order. And just how much will a snifter of this stuff set them back? If you have to ask ...


Reggggg said...

I'm sure eloise wouldn't mind ;)

Steve said...

Hey Reggg -- Schoene gruesse aus Berlin! A super scene, check back in the next few days for my report from Fashion Week Berlin! Today was the best, the Pure Berlin show rocked but still Basso & Brook was the most elegant.