Monday, June 30, 2008

vini, vidi VIVI! Swagulous talks to Elezar Co-Owner Esther Barron

Niche luxury bag design company Elezar is behind one of the most exciting new lines this season, Vivi. The name comes from the Latin verb "to live" -- as in, no animals died so you could hang your wallet from your shoulder in style. Every bag in the vivi line is completely not leather. Yet completely sophisticated and elegant -- words not often applied to pleather. (Although the vivi material is HARDLY pleather -- it's Italian!) Swagulous sat down with Elezar co-owner Esther Barron to talk with her about her fabulous new line, including my favorite design, the rockin' tote ($408 at

Swagulous: Why vegan?
Esther Barron: I am a vegetarian and really wanted a beautiful, unique, non-leather option. The vivi bags offer all of the style and luxurious feel of the leather bags. We just wanted to provide fashionista women with another choice.

S: What's your favorite design feature of the line?

EB: I love that you can fit a laptop computer in the tote, but it still looks sleek and fabulous.

S: What's next for the line and when?
EB: We will be adding new shapes and fabrics in fall 09.

S: When will it be available in more states?
EB: We hope really soon. We are entering new markets every week.

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