Saturday, March 29, 2008

True Blue? Chanel vs. Cha-not

How much more hype can there be around Mme Chanel's latest coup de nail, Blue Satin (Love last year's Black Satin? You'll Love Blue Satin!). So much that it's sold out in Chicago -- and running nearly $40 a pot on eBay. So what's a trend hound like me to do? Improvise, of course. Today I headed down to the corner nail salon -- you know the one because there's one in your town, the one with the sign that reads simply "NAILS." I figured these low-cost, low-drama shine shacks were the most likely spots to have the ingredients I needed in absence of true Blue Satin, specifically black nail polish and blue nail polish. Score! Fast forward an hour or so, past a bottom coat of black and a top coat of blue and my nails are ... dark metallic blue. Except maybe more royal metallic blue than a deep, rich shimmery Chanel blue. More Rockin' 80s than Rue Cambon, I am afraid. I'll take a photo later and snag some of the true blue to do a side-by-side (hopefully I won't have to resort to eBay). Until then, it's too late for me, I'll have to live with these ten (rather loud) blue notes until I can snag a polish change. Who knows, perhaps the trend will be over by then anyway. Truly.
NOTE: A swagulous shout out to the ladies next to me at the salon -- it was great to meet you both!


Megan Ballentine said...

Hey Jenny! It's Megan...I sat to your right this afternoon at the nail salon. It was really great chatting with you...I LOVE your blog!!! I added it to my favorites and will check back in often. I need all the help I can get in the area of fashion! I am excited you will be moving to the area. I will keep my eyes peeled for your articles here in the local publications. If you ever need anything or help with/suggestions for your new place, please let me know. I hope you are enjoying the event at The Fort Worth Club. Welcome to Texas!


Jillian said...

I just bought a TON of new Chanel Polish lol i love them all!!!