Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bravo Christian! My Fashion Week Scoop on Project Runway Finale

Kudos to Christian Siriano, who sah-wept Project Runway's top honors last night with his dramatic Fashion Week runway show. You go, girl! As a NYFW attendee, here's my two cents on the Big Show:

-- There were actually two Project Runway shows that week, one on the 2nd and the finale. I got a spot to the first one, which I was not able to attend, and then was shut out of the second one - it was cray-zee hard to get invites, pretty much you had to be actively writing about PR to snag a seat (if in fact your invitation even got you a seat, which it doesn't always, case in point the egregiously overbooked Rebecca Taylor and Ports shows!).

-- Remember when everyone was kavetching about Christian's model being late? OK, she was probably late and yes that sucks. But just for the record, people, that show was at NINE AM on a FRIDAY on the last day of fashion week. Everyone was exhausted, and yours truly was still asleep at 9. By 10, however, I was throwing up and hung over all to hell thanks to the Zac Posen afterparty. But the fact remains: 9 am is early for ANYTHING to start in NYC. Obviously the show didn't start at 9, but I'll bet it was a mob scene by 8:30. Lord only knows what the call time was for that show. So cut the chick some slack!

-- I was interviewing a model today and she pointed out that the latest trend is not to pay models for shows like this, where they'd get great exposure. True? Not sure, but if anyone in the blogosphere knows, please post your thoughts.

- Didya catch Tyson Beckford in the front row looking all dapper in his suit n' tie, like he's all into the runway? Yeah, Swagulous readers know the truth: He's rude, and hardly dressed to the 9s for the other designers whose shows he "graced" that week. (See my Fashion Week coverage.)

-- Nina Garcia, love you love you love you and I hope to meet you in Chicago on the 20th. Interview request is in -- fingers xed!!

Meanwhile, freelancingpalooza is underway so I must off ... ciao y'all!


eye4style said...

Many of the smaller shows don't pay models, that's true. They're frequently just gifted with clothes from the designer.

BeautyChick101 said...

I agree that since the show was so early, the model was just probably running late! With the way they film and "script" reality TV, anyway, who knows whether Christian was freaking out for half an hour or only a minute! But I am definitely so excited that Christian won! He was my fave from the get-go!

Anonymous said...

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Absolutely Swagulous! said...

Thank you all so much for your comments! I just love Christian and can't wait to watch my TiVoed episode of the Supermodel show, where he evidently gives fierce walk instructions!