Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Free Stuff Slowdown

Clearly I need to get out more -- I have nothing free to show for myself lately. Other than a bottle of St. Croix water I swiped at a shopping event last night. My swagulous life in somewhat in slowdown mode as I furiously scribble for money, deadlines nipping at my heels. So far my over-scheduled self has resulted in skipping two boutique openings (and I got needled by a publicist for flaking on my rsvp, whatever!). The only free stuff I've picked up lately is an array of magazines -- comp copies of House Beautiful, Elle, VF from a recent media show that I didn't attend but clearly my friends wish that I would branch out from the US Weeklies wadded up in the bottom of my Marc Jacobs Softy Bag (which was decidedly NOT free, sadly). I must make time to try the Biotherm anti-cellulite cream soon. Recent actual purchase that I love: YSL Bronzing Powder Compact in velveteen pouch ($40 @ Saks) -- adds the right amt of shading when I am Neutrogena tan.

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