Saturday, May 5, 2007

Gilette Venus Breeze razor

First of all, I don't think I got this swank razor because of Who I Am or What I Do. Especially since it was addressed to, ahem, The Jewel Osco Shopper at ...blah blah my address. But, it arrived in the mail, I tried it, and therefore I shall blog about it. Also I loved it. Generally I am not a fan of razors. Yet I am a fan of shaving. You see the issue. I tend to look for a single thing in a razor: cheapness. If it comes in a sack with many other razors and it's an Everyday Value at Target or, yes, the Jewel-Osco, I will buy it. So long as I don't cut myself to shreds, a razor is a razor is a razor, right? Well, probably yes. But this Venus Breeze is very, very nice. First of all, it's shaped all ergonomic, so it feels not unlike my favorite pen. It's purple, whatever, but also texturized and ribbed - -for her pleasure? -- but again, whatever. But this Unique Dual Action moisturizing and soap strip, while very stupid-sounding, is actually very cool, and it never occurred to me how cumbersome it was to lather up, then shave. I think I'll stop doing it and continue to use the Venus until it, uh, peters out. Will I buy it? Probably not. But I will definitely suffer from Venus Envy.

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