Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bliss Spa: A Tan for All Seasons

Free? Check. Tan-tastic? Maybe. Well, 24 hours apres tint, it's a lot better. God bless a great faux finish, and I was super excited to get this delish box in the mail from the BlissFlack, contents being one shallow pot of lemon sage body scrub and one aerosol can o'tan (a $36 value). To avoid Le Streak (so not chic!) I followed the directions to the letter. I vigorously exfoliated with said scrub, even applying granules to face. Then I aimed the nozzle of the spray n' tan can the requested six inches from my skin -- starting with the left leg, no idea why -- and letter rip. The freezing cold spray sort of sucked but ho! it got worse. Que Horror -- Stripes! Down My Leg! Unblend-in-able stripes that would not dissapate, despite frantic rubbing and desperate swirly palm motions. So I said, no way can I have two candy-cane legs, so I applied the mist to my right side by spraying a cold blast into the palm of my hand and appying in the prescribed circulare motions. Smell factor was very low, as promised. Got tired midway through and spritzed the arms, but very small jets at a time, and the spray seemed to blend better. The next day, for some reason the smell had intensified, but the stripes and the florets on my arms from my short spritzes were largely gone. Thank God I had panicked for nothing! The color is very subtle and nice. There are a few spots where I could have blended better but it's definitely 100 times better than the seemingly indelible pattern I had created on myself the night before. But I did notice the bronze rim around my nailbeds, and a slight discoloration of my palms, which was frustratng because I scrubbed my hands with both antibacterial soap and a ton of the lemon sage scrub. Will I do this again? Probably, because I still have plenty of bronze left in the bottle. But when it comes to shelling out my own hard-earned clams, I plan to go back to Kiehls.

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