Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Slippery Slope: Are Wedge Heels Over? THE GREAT WEDGE DEBATE

This past week I had a spring-summer wardrobe session with the EXTRAORDINARY stylist Heather Kenny.

Thankfully she was able to pluck from my piles of clothes n' stuff a solid collection of supercute outfits. She kept some things, she suggested I part with some things. And then there were those things that just defied her ability to categorize, I guess. She'd just look at the item, look at me and chuckle a bit. The biggest shock was not that she hated my stripper-esque lucite heels or my vintage full-length skirt with multicolor macrame inserts (come on, who doesn't love yarn?).

No, the biggest shock was the news that -- and don't hate the messenger here -- WEDGES ARE OVER. OK, not all wedges. "Modified" wedges are OK, i.e. anything with a triangular or rounded divot out of the general wedge area. But the true wedge? Over.

She let me keep my cork wedges because cork is in, but everything else hit the Goodwill Bin, per her recommendation. When I protested, she eyed my tiny pile of wedges with pity and said, in a tentative voice, "Well,
maybe they'll come back ..." Enough said.

Somewhere, there's a homeless woman teetering down Division St. on my Michael Kors platform kicks.

SO, What do you y'all think? Is it times up on the wedges?


Jenn said...

Wedges are over? Really? Man, what a bummer! I totally trust Heather Kenny as a stylist, so it looks like I'm going to have to do a bit of spring cleaning. Too bad - I used to think wedges were the comfortable, but stylish alternative to stilettos!!

JSC said...

Good god I hope not. I just spent, well I'll keep that part to myself, but let's just say I spent on two pairs of wedges from the great arbiter of fashioned called Neiman Marcus.

Absolutely Swagulous! said...

Are any of those wedges of the so-called modified variety? And Jenn, Heather didn't leave me high and dry -- she steered me towards an amazing shoe made by a company called Gentle Souls. I bought a pair of their peep-toe pumps at Lori's and seriously, these are the shoes you can play basketball in.

Elainey said...

Seriously - I am digging in my heels literally and will continue to totter around on my wedges!

I will even accept any size 9's that others are banishing from their closets....

JSC said...

What are the modified variety of wedges?
One pair I bought are black ***cork*** wedges sprayed an appealing shade of silver and they are just good old wedges. The other ones are a combo wedge kitten heel. Also silver. My shoes are blinding people this season!! Ah life was easier when I could just sashay on over to your office and get your approval on these things!