Friday, April 11, 2008

NINA GARCIA OUT AT ELLE!? Here's what I know:

Today, WWD is reporting on its website that Nina Garcia is no longer fashion director at ELLE. Here's the gist of the report, blocked and pasted from the site:

"Elle is said to have parted company with its fashion director and “Project Runway” star and author Nina Garcia sources said late Friday. Neither Garcia, Elle editor in chief Robbie Myers nor a spokeswoman for Elle could be reached for comment. On Tuesday, Elle hosted a dinner with Moschino to celebrate Simon Doonan's new book, "Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fashionable You", but Garcia was notably absent. Speculation about Garcia's departure has swirled for months, especially after the arrival of Joe Zee at the beginning of 2007 as creative director. Last spring, Garcia left the magazine on maternity leave, and began writing a monthly fashion column for Elle upon her return. Garcia was in the office on Friday morning, but by the afternoon, sources close to the building say Hachette’s Midtown offices were abuzz about the rumor."

Hmmm. Here's what I know: Last month when I interviewed Garcia, I had a nice discussion with her about a store here in Chicago. She seemed very interested in the store and we gossiped a bit about its famous owner. She said, "Oh I must write about that in my next column" and I believe at that time one of her staffers wrote it down, or made some sort of note. Fast forward two days ago, I happened to be emailing the PR person who worked for this store and I told him what happened and said, so did ELLE ever contact you? And he said no, not at all. Hmm ... Anyway if Nina stays with Project Runway and it's new lucrative leap to the Lifetime channel, she likely doesn't need her ELLE paycheck (or edit deadlines) anymore. More money + more fame + more flexibility = good. Baby Lucas, Mommy's home!

SIDENOTE: I have an interview request in with Barney's to lob some softballs at Simon Doonan, I love love love him and can't wait to meet him and read his new book (autographed, of course!)

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